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Voice of Employee


When was the last time you really heard the voice of your employees?


We want to hear what employees are really saying.

We analyze step by step everything your survey data tells us and map out your organization’s strengths and improvement areas.

With our detailed analysis, we prioritize what needs to be done in your organization from now on and create a roadmap specific to you.

We plan and share with you the general actions to be taken for all the company and also the more specific actions for teams& departments.

Get deep insights

What we do?


You can choose the indexes and questions according to your needs among 27 different question categories and 6 indexes.

At this point, our recommendation is to choose at least 3 indexes in order to obtain a secure data.

At this stage, we can hold an online meeting to share our suggestions with you if you need it.


After choosing a question and determining your indexes, we will guide you to complete the testing process.

Then we will provide you with the necessary information to upload your employees' data to the system.

At all these stages, you will always feel our technical support by your side.


We send the survey to all your employees via digital surveys and personalized links.

We also report you the status of participation and completion via instant dashboards.

In this way, we determine together the time we will keep the survey open by observing the completion rate.


After the survey is completed, we share with you the detailed company report within 10-12 working days.

In this report, you will find all demographic breakdowns, category and index-based scores, team and department results, loyalty and leaving tendency analyzes in full detail.

At the end of the reporting phase, in the light of all the data we have transmitted, you will clearly see the strong areas of your company as well as the areas that need improvement and development. In addition, if you need, we can present the results to you via an online meeting. Contact us for your free demo.


In the last part of the company report, we also share the roadmap that will be an important resource for your HR and management teams until the next survey period.

In addition to the roadmap, we also share all the details of the priority actions to be taken in the short and medium term for all the company and especially for the departments with lower scores.


Fill out the form with your information to have a representative contact you via email or phone within 24 hours.

An employee engagement survey doesn’t just measure how happy employees are. It measures how dedicated they are to the mission and outcome of your company.

Start with an anonymous employee feedback survey


  • Web and Mobile Compatible
  • Digital Survey Application Methods with International Standards
  • Flexible and fast application via e-mail and SMS
  • 7 days / 24 hours- Technical support
  • Personal participation link and sending an invitation
  • Personal Reminder sendings
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Instant tracking of Participation and Completion via Dashboard
  • Ability to Save the Survey and Resume Where It Left Off
  • Possibility to Survey to Unlimited People
  • Questions tailored to the needs of company
  • Open-ended questions
  • Opportunity to measure and score in 27 different categories
  • Result Sharing within the scope of Privacy and Data security
  • General Satisfaction and Sustainable Engagement Scores
  • Fast and Detailed Reporting (Anonymous and Noname)
  • Demographic Breakdowns
  • Engagement and disengagement analysis


Our happy customers

We determined our 2022 priorities and roadmap based on VoE-X results. VoE-X's experienced HR team contributed greatly to this process. In this way, we had the opportunity to design with a professional perspective which areas we should invest more in and what specific actions we would take. Thanks VoE-X team.
Sarah A.
HR Director
Until VoE-X, we did not focus on what our employees needed and what they really wanted. It was also very important for us to measure and identify all these requests and needs through a rich set of questions in 27 different categories and to design our managerial strategies correctly. especially our top management team benefited greatly from the results. Now it's our job to measure in shorter intervals and VoE-X is our biggest helper here. See you in the next VoE-X survey:))
Jane S.
We have never seen the development areas of our company and the views of our employees so clearly in any other survey we have done before. Also we realized what we could do more on many issues with detailed reporting and analysis. moreover, we did all of this with very reasonable budgets. Thanks VoE-X. Your contribution is very valuable to us.
Jeffery K.



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