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6 Mistakes Companies Make With Employee Surveys

Here are six mistakes that companies may make when conducting employee surveys:

  1. Not making the survey anonymous: If employees don’t feel that their responses will be kept confidential, they may not provide honest feedback.
  2. Not offering enough options for response: If the survey only offers a limited number of response options, employees may not feel that they can accurately reflect their feelings.
  3. Not following up on survey results: If a company conducts a survey and then does nothing with the results, employees may feel that their opinions don’t matter and may be less likely to participate in future surveys.
  4. Asking the wrong questions: It’s important to ask questions that will provide useful insights and help identify areas for improvement. If the questions are unrelated or not relevant, the survey may not provide valuable information.
  5. Not providing enough context: If employees don’t understand the purpose of the survey or how their responses will be used, they may not take the survey seriously.
  6. Not communicating the results: If the results of the survey are not shared with employees, they may feel disconnected from the process and may be less likely to participate in future surveys. It’s important to communicate the results and any plans for improvement based on the survey findings.

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