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How to engage blue-collar workers with employee surveys?

There are several ways to engage blue-collar workers with employee surveys:

  • Make sure the survey is accessible: Ensure that the survey is available in a format that is convenient for all employees, including those who may not have regular access to a computer. This could include offering a paper version of the survey or a phone hotline for employees to call and leave their responses.
  • Keep it brief: Blue-collar workers often have demanding and busy schedules, so it’s important to keep the survey as concise as possible. This will increase the likelihood that they will complete it.
  • Offer incentives: Consider offering incentives, such as gift cards or time off, to encourage employees to complete the survey.
  • Make it anonymous: Employees may be more likely to share their honest opinions if they know their responses will be anonymous. Consider using a third-party survey provider to ensure anonymity.
  • Follow up: After the survey is complete, follow up with employees to let them know what actions are being taken as a result of their feedback. This will show that their input is valued and will encourage them to participate in future surveys.

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